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custom design
Our specialty at VENA Fine Jewelry is custom designed jewelry.  

So how does custom design work?  

If you already have a design in mind, come to the store and we'll give you an estimate to make it for you.  

If you do not know, yet, exactly what you want then let our friendly and creative staff help!  We will look at jewelry in the cases and pictures in books to get a feel for the style you prefer.  Geometric?  Curly and free-form?  Asymmetrical?  Not sure?  We will help you  translate your personal preferences into a new jewelry design.  
Sometimes we can find exactly what you need from a reputable manufacturer, and we can order a mounting that is ready to set with stones.  Other times we will need to hand make your jewelry design for you.  

If we are going to hand make an item, we usually start with a few sketches.  After a design is approved, we will determine the best way to make the piece.  We will either carve a wax and cast the item in your choice of metal, or we will hand-fabricate the item from bars and sheets of metal.  The pictures above show a pendant in the process of being hand-fabricated.

Once the method of construction is determined, we will give you an estimate of cost.  When you approve the estimate, we ask for a down payment equal to half of the total cost.  Then we begin to create your custom jewelry piece!  If we will be carving a wax, we will have you approve the wax before it is cast in metal.

Custom design is an incredible way to get a one-of-a-kind, quality piece of jewelry that will last for generations!  Come see us today so we can begin something special for you!